Modular-Finance™ is about Capitalism 4.0

The ModularWorld is About Capitalism 4.0

The World is Modular...Complex and in Competition for survival

in The US the Good drives out the bad when the opposite you have enthropic inevitability


Why Capitalism needs Design Thinking.....

The Micawber Principle

An ever-widening gulf between global challenges and national institutions may turn out to be the fatal inner contradiction that precipitates the downfall of Capitalism 4.0 - and its replacement by Capitalism 4.1, Capitalism 4,2, and ultimately Capitalism 5.

All we can say for certain is that global politics in the years ahead will be messy, confusing, and full of conflicts, that there will be more international imbalances and confrontations and more financial bubbles and crashes, with origins we cannot imagine; and that the progress of democratic capitalism, when and where it happens, will proceed by fits and starts. We can be certain also that the new model of the capitalist system now emerging will leave many questions unanswered and will contain some fatal contradictions.

Nothing about this new version of the capitalist system will be rational of perfectly efficient or eternally balanced. The future will always be unpredictable and ambiguous and inconsistent - just like human life. For that is what Capitalism 4.0 is about.

and that is what Modular-Finance™  is about...