Sunday, April 10, 2016

Capitalism 4.1... The Complexity Policy Frame and The Role of Government in Capitalism 4.1...

"We will stop this discussion of complexity tools and terminology and move on to the primary goal of this book;

To outline the complexity policy frame that sees the entire social system as a complex evolving system, and to spell out a role for government within that frame.

     While this new frame agrees that the system cannot be controled, it does accept that government  policy is crucial for the system to work and sees government as playing a role in the system's evolution. One aspect of policy involves attempting to make that role better - people, through government, and in partnership with private institutions, help influence the evolution of the economy in ways that they believe will be positive.

     This is a much more difficult policy role for government than any envisioned by the standard policy model, which sees government as outside the system correcting for market failures. p974